Practice math at Nomp!

About us

Good math skills is a great foundation for life and further learning. If you're having fun while practicing math, it increases motivation and it feels easier.

Traditional text books will not provide the continuos positive feedback that motivates children in for example computer games.

Printed home work gets lost on the way between school and home. And the teacher have to spend hours grading home work instead of spending time with the students. As a parent you sometimes feel you don't how your kids is doing.

Nomp was born out of the frustration that a ten year old girl and her parents felt regarding math home work and multiplication tables. We want to create a service where students, teachers and parents can make math practice and homework fun.

Who we are

Nomp is developed by Selessia AB, a small family-owned business in Sundbyberg, just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. We are parents and created Nomp so that our daughter would have a good tool for practicing math.


Marianne (@mammapamma) has more than 15 years of experience as a systems developer, mainly from building stock exchange trading systems.


Stefan (@stnor) has a long background as an IT-consultant and he has been Chief Architect at the gambling operator Unibet for four years, among other things.