Nomp Plus Teacher

For one teacher with up to 35 students

150 EUR for one year

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Grades 1 through 9

Choose among more than 800 different quizzes and give your students assignments to do at home or in school!


It's easy to create individualised assignments so each student gets to practice on what they need.


Use assignments and rewards to motivate your students to keep practicing math.


Your students can use a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, anywhere and anytime.

Free up time

No need to hand out, collect and grade homework, so you can focus on analysing your students' results and plan what they should work on next.

Follow up

Get a clear view of your students' results and progress at Nomp.

Do you have more than 35 students?

Then you can choose Nomp Plus Teacher XL.

For one teacher with up to 100 students

250 EUR excl VAT for one year

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Do you have colleagues who also want to use Nomp Plus?

If you are two or more teachers who want to use Nomp Plus, then Nomp Plus School is often the best option.

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